Who’s a pretty boy? You are, yes you are!

Bee covered in pollen resting in the heart of a crocus flower.

Nature-loving photographer, Boris Godfroid, uses macro photography for close-up shots, posted to his website

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Meerkats make the best photographer’s assistants EVER.

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i want meerkat friends. k thx bye

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Sky Tapestry, by Cordella Lackey

A tapestry jewelled hangs over the night;
Have you looked up to see where it gleams?
There are rubies and sapphires and diamonds white
Interwoven with mists of lost dreams.

This tapestry ancient was hung up for you
Before Time tried to reckon with Space;
And for ages to come it will hang in the blue,
Starry jewels each one in its place.

Each star has a story, each mist is alight;
If you seek to know each priceless fold
You will treasure this tapestry hung up at night
By the Weaver of tapestries old.

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Ernst Haeckel

Not only was Ernst a Haeckel of an artist, he was a brilliant biologist and naturalist as well. 

Side note: I have business cards, for some unknown reason, and there’s a Haeckel illustration on the back of each one.

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Idk if I’m the last one to see this, but have you guys seen this volcano in Indonesia that’s spewing bLUE FLAMES. -its metal as hECK. so fucking cool looking.


Fuckin’ hell.

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Etch Metal with a Battery!

How to etch metal using a 9 volt battery and some vinegar! It’s pretty simple and the results are amazing!

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Art by Sarcoptiform 

I don’t know anything about this artist. There isn’t much in the way of information on either their Flickr page nor their tumbler site.  I do know, however, that if Robert Crumb had done botanical illustration, it’d look a lot like this.  Organic, textural, creepy, and utterly believable.  Like a drippy, misshapen candle that’s been sitting out all day at a yard sale, you know what it’s made of and why it looks so wonky, yet you still want to pick it up and roll it over in your hand and read it’s alien surface.


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David Hammons - Untitled (2009)


David Hammons - Untitled (2009)

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Hyak II at the Vancouver Aquarium had a fascination with pictures and drawings of orcas:

"His eye was one inch away from the six-inch glass, and the illustration was pressed against the other side. We were very close to each other

I would have him for thirty to forty minutes between the shows. He would stay submerged for five to six minutes, surface to breathe, then drop right back down to the window to see what I would show him next.

Hyak had no interest in images of houses, airplanes, horses, cars, or trucks, things he could not relate to at all. But show him a salmon or other orcas, he would study the picture minutely. 

It was interesting that word of all this got out. Sometimes when I arrived, there would be groups of school kids with their drawings of killer whales held up to the glass, with Hyak swimming window to window looking at what they were showing him. The word spread and people would come with pictures to show Hyak.

Rather than only coming to see the whales, they would bring something for the whales to see.”

-Whale Tales

We are all Hyaks, the fervent whites of our eyes pressed against some glass to peek at a tumblr dash

But seriously man these gifs of cumberba-

No but really seriously can you imagine how lonely this fucking whale is.

this is fucking torture. 

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How to get birds to eat out of your handWith the proper preparation, you can have little chickadees snacking away in the palm of your hand.


How to get birds to eat out of your hand
With the proper preparation, you can have little chickadees snacking away in the palm of your hand.

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